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TSSP im. Piotra Michałowskiego


Registration for the first grade is conducted from September until all vacant places are filled.

The recruitment procedure includes: Meeting with school headmaster and pedagogical examination embracing school readiness diagnosis.

The admission depends on:

The order the applications are received

The result of pedagogical examination

The final requirement of accepting a child is signing a learning contract and payment of admission fee.

The recruitment procedure also involves meeting with a teacher and a foreign language test.


Current tuition for the full year  in installments is:

700złx12  or  840zł x10 (Parents can choose the number of installments).

Admission fee

(1500 zł for first-grade to upper-grade correspondingly lower).

Discount FOR SIBLINGS !! (includes tuition and admission fee)


Sekretariat Szkoły

P. Michalowski 10

tel. 0126339739

8.00 15.30 e-mail:


TSSP im. Piotra Michałowskiego Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałem Dwujęzycznym im. Piotra Michałowskiego TSSP Liceum z Oddziałem Dwujęzycznym im. Piotra Michałowskiego w Krakowie
TSSP im. Piotra Michałowskiego

TSSP im. Piotra Michałowskiego

ul. Piotra Michałowskiego 10
31-126 Kraków
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Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy
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Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych: Julia Szablowska


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