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Our aims

Chapter 1 of the statute
§ 1

Towarzystwo Społecznej Szkoły Podstawowej was set up by the parents who made an effort to establish an independent school in the centre of Kraków.

Chapter 2 of the statute
§ 5

The aim of Towarzystwo Społecznej Szkoły Podstawowej is to provide children and young people with the highest quality of education.

§ 6

Towarzystwo Społecznej Szkoły Podstawowej can realize its goals through:

  • inspiring and supporting the activity of educational and care institutions
  • setting up and running its own educational and care institutions
  • cooperatingwith similar institutions and organizations
  • providing educational and methodological guidance
  • running its own business activity which supports the realization of the aims.

We recognize the role of parents as crucial in bringing up children. The aim of our schools isto support parents in raising their children in accordance with Christian values.

We emphasize the ability to communicate with other people, lay stress on teaching and observing the rules of good manners, shaping prosocial attitudes, respect for life, tolerance and acceptance and preparing children to live in the modern society.


ul. Piotra Michałowskiego 10
31-126 Kraków
tel.: 501 148 525 (mobile)
tel.: +48 12 633 97 39