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Welcome to Piotr Michalowski Primary School


The Primary School of Peter Michalowski in Kraków is one of the first private schools established after the reform of education system in 1989. It was founded by the parents who searched for the alternative to the old education system of communist times and had a strong desire for independence. At first it was led by the Civic Educational Association and now it is run by the Association of the Civic Primary School.

The school has been located at Michalowski Street 10 since 5th November 1991. The name of Peter Michalowski, the outstanding artist, was given to the school in 1995. The artist’s attitude and achievements inspired the people who created the educational program of the school. Its main goal is to bring up creative and open to the world students. The founders of the school wanted to achieve it through a friendly atmosphere at school, comprehensive development of the students based on universal Christian values and modern teaching methods.


At our school, there are 37 well- qualified teachers who are constantly improving their teaching skills.

Our teachers work with passion. Furthermore, they are receptive to the children needs and strongly pay attention to their educational development. They have a friendly approach to each child, and cooperation with parents is of a great importance to them. Moreover, our school provides interesting educational projects, lessons, workshops, open air picnics, and prepares children to participate in numerous external competitions. Use of information technology and care of students interests is also significant.


Our school is a safe place. We carry out educational and preventive programs that develop desired attitudes among students and equip them with the knowledge needed to identify threats. We cooperate with Municipal Police and pedagogical and psychological guidance services. Our students are provided with psychological and medical care. A school nurse is present every day. After classes children spend time in daycare where, under the care of educators, they can have a nice time with games, arts and sports activities. Many of them visit school library, which hosts interesting reading projects.


During over twenty years of activity our school has succeeded in accomplishing the rich repertoire of events that build up our school’s tradition. The celebration of Christmas and Easter that include advent wreaths’ meetings, fairs, carol singing and common wishing at a richly decorated table are the main part of this tradition. Events such as Harvest Festival, Patron’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Family’s Festival also contribute to the splendid and friendly atmosphere of our school. We also celebrate Polish national holidays, especially the Independence Day of November 11th. In our versatile calendar of school events there are a lot of competitions, sports events, trips, charity activities and artistic shows. Some of them are organized by our students’ council.

Over the past years, many famous writers and poets have visited our school. Among our guests were Ludwik Jerzy Kern, Barbara Gawryluk, Maciej Wojtyszko, Wanda Chotomska, Grzegorz Kasdepke, Izabella Klebańska, Ewa Stadtmüller and Dorota Gellner . We also organize meetings with interesting people, often our pupils’ parents or relatives, who talk about their experience related to their work or passions.

Our school is the organizer of Wojewódzki Konkurs Ortograficzny Kaktus for third-year pupils. The event is held under the patronage of the Superintendent of Education of Lesser Poland, the Mayor of the City of Kraków, the Voivode of Lesser Poland, the Rector of the Pedagogical University of Cracow, Towarzystwo Miłośników Języka Polskiego and Polskie Towarzystwo Kaligraficzne. Several thousand pupils of Lesser Poland enter each edition of the competition.

Every year we hold Krakowski Turniej Halowej Piłki Nożnej for pupils of non-public primary schools. Another event which takes place at our school is an interscholastic French competition Mes rencontresavec le francais which we organize in cooperation with Tischner European University and Szkoła Języków Obcych Profi-Lingua.

Our pupils are involved in a number of interesting educational activities. We carry out multidisciplinary projects such as W pracowni artysty or Kraków, którego nie znamy. We take part in New Horizons of Film Education and All of Poland Reads to Kids campaign. We are a part of eTwinning community, we actively participate in the Bild der Anderen project and we cooperate with an Italian school from Domodossola.

Extracurricular Activities

In our school, in the framework of tuition fees, there are a number of extracurricular activities. Among them are: Drama Club, computer, math, art, music, craft, tourism, science, English Club, sports, chess, folk dance, ZHP (Polish Scouting Association). Our students take part in physiotherapy exercises and re-education classes. Apart from them, the school offers a variety of paid activities such as: choreographic classes, ballroom dancing, ju-jitsu, robotics, tennis, football, roller skating, learning to play musical instruments. We invite children to participate in the school holidays. Every year, winter and summer holidays program is prepared for our students.

Foreign Languages

The emphasis on foreign languages acquisition is one of the biggest advantages of our school. Our school provides an extended English program. Our pupils begin their English classes from an early age. From the 4th grade, the pupils choose and start their second foreign language: German, French or Spanish. E-Twinning, Socrates Comenius, Bild der Anderen, Project Woche and the exchange of letters with peers from abroad are the examples of international projects which play an important role in foreign languages acquisition. Our pupils go abroad and participate in international exchange programs or language camps. Our school prepares and offers English and German language exams.

Our school cooperates with institutions

Our school has been cooperating with universities and educational institutions such as Jagiellonian University, Pedagogical University of Cracow and Tischner European University for many years. Our pupils take part in educational activities organized by museums, universities and educational institutions including PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences). Our school cooperates also with Ośrodek Debaty Międzynarodowej, community centers and other schools.


Our school organizes multiple outings including field and educational trips. Sightseeing of Cracow, the city in which our pupils live and sightseeing of our region – Little Poland are important activities for our school and for our pupils. Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, Piast Trail and Stołowe Mountains are the examples of our popular destinations. During winter our pupils go skiing and take part in skiing competitions. During spring our school organizes five-day field trip in Poland. Our pupils have a chance to go abroad on an Exchange program. Also, every year our school offers a trip to London within Homestay program. Our pupils stay with English families during that trip.


We attempt to teach our students empathy, tolerance and sensitivity. We are proud of the commitment of our students and their parents in helping the ones in need. Our tradition is to help children from orphanages, care centers and charities. We take part in “Noble parcel” and “Fields of Hope” projects. Many of our students work in the WOŚP ( Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). We collect donations for missionary projects. We participate in a national campaign organized by the Society of Our Home – ” góra grosza” (“top penny”) We cooperate with the Red Cross and Caritas, we also support the Animal Shelter. We are a long-standing member of the Club of UNICEF Schools. In cooperation with this organization, we participate in actions to help children around the world.


In order to improve the flow of information between the parents and the school we have recently launched online register. Using the e-register, parents are kept informed about school performance of their children as well as get acquainted with offers and school events. They can easily correspond with teachers.

In addition, we meet with parents during the “afternoon at school” where you can chat with tutors and teachers. Individual meetings with teachers can also be arranged during their duty hours.