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Piotr Michałowski Secondary School

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Welcome to Piotr Michalowski Secondary School

Cracow’s Piotr Michałowski Secondary School with a Bilingual Class, continues the traditions of other reputable private schools that were established by Towarzystwo Społecznej Szkoły Podstawowej 25 years ago as Piotr Michałowski Primary School, and later Piotr Michałowski Middle School.

The school is conveniently located in the buildings of The Gama College of English and adjacent to the building which houses the above mentioned schools in Piotr Michałowski Street, Kraków.

We will provide our future students with education in small-sized classes taught by a superb teaching staff. Similarly to our primary and middle schools we will focus on the excellent preparation of our students for school leaving exams as well as coping with the demands of living in the contemporary world. We endeavour to give our students the opportunity to learn foreign languages as part of the extended programme with two subjects taught in English in the bilingual class.

We will offer efficient preparation for any extended programme chosen by the students as standard.

We encourage our students to participate in trips to Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain in order to improve their language skills as well as interesting additional classes of university lecturers.

Our school guarantees the development of our students’ potential to enable them to become tolerant, open-minded and highly educated young people.

You are invited to attend an interview.

Piotr Michałowski Secondary School

Liceum z Oddziałem Dwujęzycznym im. Piotra Michałowskiego w Krakowie

Liceum z Oddziałem Dwujęzycznym im. Piotra Michałowskiego w Krakowie

ul. Piotra Michałowskiego 4
31-126 Kraków
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Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy
33 85910007 0021 0053 1807 0001
Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych: Julia Szablowska


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