Prywatne gimnazjum z oddziałem dwujęzycznym Kraków | Gimnazjum z Oddziałem Dwujęzycznym im. Piotra Michałowskiego

Piotr Michałowski Middle School

We are a middle school located in the centre of Krakow, with 84 pupils divided into classes of approximately 15. The school employs 33 teachers, of whom 10 teach four foreign languages, and one is a native speaker of English.
Piotr Michalowski Middle School is a friendly place with great achievements. Our standardized tests results place us in the top 4% of schools in the region. Our pupils are accepted by the best secondary schools in Krakow. Each year several of our pupils win the middle school subject competitions which entitle them to enter a secondary school of their choice. We care about each student individually by providing a selection of contests in different fields which help pupils discover their talents and build their self-confidence.
We provide a safe learning environment. It is our aim to fully educate about modern life and help our pupils recognize potentially dangerous situations. Our Prevention Programme includes cooperation with the local police and regular meetings with experienced counsellors. We hold a prestigious certificate given to schools which actively promote safety. Our pupils take part in workshops about the greatest threats to their health and freedom, such as drug and alcohol addictions, sexually transmitted diseases and sects.
All of our teachers work with dedication and care greatly about each pupil. Teaching is their vocation and passion. They carry out project work, employ ICT and make students genuinely interested in the subjects. Several university teachers work with our pupils on science – their physics and chemistry lessons take place in the laboratories of Krakow’s Pedagogical University and our field trips make geography truly fascinating.
We regularly participate in international student exchanges, organize trips abroad and educational tours of Poland. Every year we travel to Bad NeuenAhr in Germany where our partner school is located. We visit Paris and improve our language skills in England. During annual spring trips pupils explore Renaissance architecture, national parks, follow the steps of famous poets, discover unknown parts of Poland and Europe.
All pupils are welcome to take part in our regular outings to the theatre and the opera, go hiking in the mountains with our tourist club, develop their artistic talents during art and theatre classes or join our sports team.
Our curriculum includes five hours of English per week. One hour is devoted to mastering fluent spoken language and is taught by an English native speaker. Optionally pupils can participate in an additional FCE exam preparation class. All pupils also take four hours of a second foreign language (German, French or Spanish). We cooperate with The Austrian Institute in Krakow; Tischner European University is a patron of our foreign languages classes. We have been active members of eTwinning community since 2006.

We encourage our pupils to be sensitive to those in need. Through various charity events and volunteer work we teach tolerance and empathy. The pupils of our school participate in The Noble Box Project, The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, support Pola Nadziei (hospice-palliative care movement). We also teach our students about cultural differences and want them to see the beauty of diversity.

Piotr Michałowski Middle School

Gimnazjum z Oddziałem Dwujęzycznym im. Piotra Michałowskiego w Krakowie

ul. Piotra Michałowskiego 10
31-126 Kraków
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Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy
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Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych: Julia Szablowska


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