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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." – Benjamin Franklin’s conviction that it is necessary to capture students’ attention and make them truly concerned about the task ahead of them describes accurately the basis of this unique enterprise which began as an eTwinning project entitled "United Through Art". The aim of the project was to introduce new vocabulary and grammatical structures in English in an interesting and motivating way, but also to practise English pronounciation, diction and work on the personal presentation skills in front of an audience and a camera. In October 2008 three groups of students started to prepare three different plays in English.

The first group was only 8 years old, but gave a charming Chrismas performance for their friends from other classes. The play was entitled "Busy Santa Claus" and was recorded on a digital camera in front of a live audience just before Christmas 2008. The actors presented vocabulary connected with Christmas to their younger friends in a professional and entertaining way. Later the movie was edited in the school computer room with iMovie programme and the actors could see their performance themselves. Click on the link below to watch the play:

Students involved preparing the second show were 11 years old. They started working on the project together with a group of Greek students. Both groups – the Polish and the Greek one were working on the same play – "The Princess and The Pea". The text was based on the famous Andersen tale (retold by David Allan and Tessa Clark, text published by New Editions Publishing House in 2002). The students exchanged e-mail addresses with the partners of the project and wrote to each other sharing information about their roles and the rehearsals. The lessons were suddenly too short and even though the work on the play was hard nobody complained. The actors were fearless – they danced, sang and delivered their lines with confidence and true talent. The film was edited at school with iMovie programme in June 2009. To admire the performace click on the links below:

Part One:

Part Two:

Students involved preparing the third show were also 11 years old. To admire the performace click on the link below:


eTwinning project administrator: Anna Tadla-Bryndza
Teachers involved:
Kinga Kowalska, Małgorzata Iwanow ("Busy Santa Claus")
Anna Tadla-Bryndza, Agnieszka Kluba ("The Princess and The Pea")
Anna Piątkowska ("Fire Practise")


Szkoła Podstawowa im. Piotra Michałowskiego w Krakowie

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